Dreamstudio has a restaurant and cafe management experience. We also satisfy and meet a wide range of consumers, so that we are able to draw variety of solutions to our client's need.
We redevelop the branding identity of historical restaurants based on the business consulting view.
Dreamstudio has exclusive distributorship for various international brands in Japan.
Oversea Food Imports and Sales
Especially Oversea wine brands sell directly to consumers thru our online store and also sell imported oversea food thru our own stores.
PR for shops and Products
Able to select proper media and planning promotion schedule for clients to maximize customer name recognition and brand loyalty.
Store interior design and space producing
Dreamstudio manages all facet of design, including extensive involvement with design studios and actual construction.
Promotion Tool / Website / Menu Design
Dreamstudio is one-stop-shop for all the promotion tools from design to on-site production.
Own Media
Dreamstudio distributes Japanese and world food trends thru our own website.


café STUDIO -Cafe-

From Harajuku, Tokyo, Dreamstudio runs the trendy "cafe STUDIO" that acts as a forefront for various marketing opportunities. Customers can use the cafe as a pop-up promotional place for event and parties. During normal business period, the cafe is popular due to the comfortable space and an extensive menu that offer modern culinary cuisines that is healthy and delicious.
Aragawa / Gorio - Restaurant-
Dreamstudio consults one of the long-established steak house, Aragawa, which opened in 1967 and Gorio, which opened in 1984. We spearhead branding, promotional plans, and production of all media tools for Aragawa.
necco - Restaurant-

Dreamstudio consults the Japanese style restaurant "necco" , which opened at West L.A. in Oct. 2014. We do total consulting from branding, promotional plans to production of all media tools.
VORTEX -restaurant and refreshment stand-
Total concept planning and consultation for the restaurant and refreshment stand "VORTEX SPORTS CAFÉ & STAND"at Yoyogi National Stadium Yoyogi Gymnasiums 1 and 2.
We import and sell our choices of wine from around the world.
FOOD PORT - Website-
The portal online media, Food PORT, will distribute trends and information of Japanese food industry. The media opened on June 2012.
Cedric Casanova
Total consulting including import and distributorship of Sicilian olive oil and foods.
"Foods with a producer's face" and "Bring out the best in the power of ingredients"


view TORIO

Management of CAFE STUIDO BAKERY at Otemachi. Offering specialty breads, coffee and wines.