Producing smoking separation facilities
By studying architectural blueprints, Dreamstudio advises and plan on developing ergonomic smoking stations while ensuring optimal air flow for non smokers.
Management of smoking room
We designed, executed and managed the smoking room at the commercial facility for our client, JT(Japan Tabaco). We also design the media production in the smoking room.
Create educational tools and web contents
Created the straightforward tool about "Let's learn separation of smoking and non-smoking!"
Promote environmental products
Dreamstudio advocates and proposes the design and making of earth friendly materials for the food industry, to provide a cleaner and safer world environment.



Dreamstudio uses its own space as an experimental setting for non-smoking and smoking environment coexistence.
Tokyo Midtown Smoking Place
We maintain the rooms for smokers in the popular commercial facility, Tokyo Midtown.
Let's learn separation of smoking and non-smoking!
Dreamstudio created the video to explain the different from air emission to inhalation, wind speed, line of flow at the cafes or restaurants. The video provides the basic knowledge of separation of smoking and non-smoking.
Eco bags and paper napkins

We propose Eco friendly consumable products in the food industry.